We know your world.

Our team’s in-depth knowledge of vendor and channel technology markets means we understand market trends—and the evolving global landscape. The WeFi team brings many years of technology and financing experience as well as a track record of building successful companies that have an unbridled focus on customer experience. We are passionate about satisfying clients’ needs and creating opportunities for continued growth.

And it’s all propelled by our proprietary platform. Thanks to izzi—the most innovative cloud-based platform for the IT industry’s supply chain finance needs—we bring powerful efficiencies to the channel finance lifecycle that adapt easily to changing business needs, fuel fiscal resiliency and optimize vital working capital.

Advanced path to growth: Differentiation, competitive advantage and maximum value.

Customer-ization first—in every scenario.

We create custom channel finance solutions to maximize your company's value—no matter your size, capacity or complexity.

Adapting to the unique scenarios and terms that inevitably arise, we customize our state-of-the-art platform and processes accordingly—constantly seeking your feedback to improve izzi’s power to progress business.

Let our industry-leading solutions, customer-centric people and real-time platform have a hand in elevating the future of your business.

Meet our team. A seasoned, distinctive combination of tech and finance minds.